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Health-Gard is a proud sponsor of the Flamingo International Challenge. HEALTH-GARD ACTIVATED Pigeon



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IMMUNE BOOSTER AN ALL NATURAL PROBIOTIC WATER ADDITIVE FORMULA ENGINEERED FROM A Pigeon SPECIALLY CULTURED BLEND OF Pigeon NATURALLY OCCURRING MICROBES AND A SPECIFIC CATALYST OUR PROPRIETARY CATALYST CAUSES OUR Pigeon PRODUCT TO PERFORM 1000 TIMES FASTER THAN OTHER SIMILAR PRODUCTS 817-233-5799 WWW HEALTH-GARD COM www vitakingproducts com www candcrodshop com Shady Hills Pet Shop Pigeon Thomas Kurz 16944 Shady Hills Rd Spring Hill Fl 34610 email: familydist@aol com cell: 718-840-9237 or 727-856-1300 Please go to the Enter Pigeon Now page to see a list of confirmed Pigeon Breeders for 2007 (Currently 76 Pigeon Breeders) If you would like on that list contact us Go to the Pigeon Payout page to view our ad for the 2007 series The Flamingo is Proud to announce the use of Health - Gard This is one of the many ways thay we at the Flamingo Loft insure the Health of your Pigeon Above is the unbelievable Flamingo International Challenge Loft What a Pigeon loft! You will see nothing like it Not only is it beautiful but the time and thought that went into this Pigeon loft has surpassed itself This Pigeon loft was built to house the athletes of the sky Each Pigeon that is placed into this loft lives under conditions fit for a king The Flamingo International Challenge Race Loft is one of a kind Good Luck To All Race Rules Privacy Policy Contact us

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ONE LOFT RACE 2014  Be a part of the excitement
11th. Annual
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The Flamingo IC is proud
to announce that Browns
Feed will be the feed of
choice again this year.
Browns Feed...
Feed mixes by "Circle Loft"

New Video
2014 350 Mile Race
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We now have Live Cameras


The Flamingo Loft has
improved its security.
It is called Dutch Shepherd.
These dogs have long been used
as Guard Dogs as well as for
Police Dogs. They are very strong
and protective of their owners as
well as their territory. They are
agility masters and can Jump and
Climb very large obstacles. Check
out video links below and see for
yourself. Jim

Special Bonus....
The last bird clocked on the day
in each race will win a...
$ Free Perch Fee $

For Current Weather Conditions at the
Flamingo Loft...

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Welcome to the:
2014 11th. Annual
Flamingo International Challenge
One Loft Race

The Flamingo International Challenge
has updated its race rules.
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